When the moon hits your eye

You might think you’ll die

Or maybe just cry

But really you’ll sigh

‘Cause your heart starts to fly

And then by-and-by

You’ll get a quick high

And you’ll soar in the sky

And when you look down

You’ll turn your frown upside down

And act like a clown

Without making a sound

‘Till your feet hit the ground

But your heart will still pound

Then you’ll look all around

And know that you found



Are you human?
Black or white?
Jewish, Muslim?
Left or right?

Do you choose hate?
Or do you love?
Do you fear no one?
Or God above?

Is your blood red?
Or redder than mine?
Are you a sinner?
Or are you divine?

Have you family?
Are you alone?
Do you preach?
Then, in what tone?

Are you in the dumps?
Or exalted high?
Are you grounded?
Or do you fly?

If there were peace on earth
Would you be content?
Or would you hate your brother
and be hell-bent?

As I grow older
Every day
I’m dumbfounded
How easily we stray

A preacher’s word
Is from his mind
Is it evil
Or is it kind?

A leader’s word
Is just the same
Is it enabling
Or is it lame?

New Year’s day
Is Judgement day
Where all God’s creatures
Bow and pray

Wipe our sins
From off our souls
With gentleness
Not burning coals

For one more year
Of health and peace
We beseech God

This year I
Will love my fellow
Whether he be
Brown or yellow

Christian, Buddhist
Or tolerant religion
I’ll work towards love
It’s my decision

Will you join me?
Hand in hand?
Let’s work together
Strike up the band!


It is a fundamental lie to believe that all men are created equal.  We are not.  From conception to demise we are preprogrammed and predispositioned to conduct a life that is completely different from our fellow man.  Whether it be health, wealth, mental capability, physical capability, spiritual capability, or geographical location, our life experiences will be unique.  The most we can ultimately hope for is to be tolerated.

To be tolerated is the minimal criteria for co-existence.  Society, as a norm, stresses homogeneity in order to breed tolerance.  Love thy neighbor is more easily done when that neighbor is as similar to you as possible.  If your neighbor speaks like you, dresses like you, eats like you, prays like you, raises his children like you, then he is a reflection of you, and loving him should be natural.  History is replete with examples of nations consumed in hate and war because of their differences.  We continue to see this today in the form of religious intolerance, and racism.

Of the three major monotheistic religions, only one believes that as long as a person abides by the 7 Noahide laws, and is a good person, they will be rewarded when their soul takes leave of their body.  The other two preach that not believing or converting to said religion, no matter how good you are in this world, will damn your soul.  This is why, in a larger sense, the first monotheistic religion can live side-by-side with others who are different, while the other two have pocked history with an endless river of spilled blood.

One must question the sincerity and validity of a religion that preaches love or peace, yet is fundamentally intolerant of others to the point of bloodshed.  We are witness today to a growing wave of Islam that leaves headless corpses in its wake.  Likewise, we are witness today to an unleashing of violent racism between Christians.  And they both look upon the Jew with a common hate and loathing.

The ever-present Jew who was exiled 1,000’s of years ago from his homeland has done well in all of his host countries for his respect of his fellow human being.  From the Torah itself God reminds us that all men are created in His image.  The Jew alone lives this, and has historically treated his fellow well.  His fellow, on the other hand, has not treated the Jew well.  We are witness yet again today to a resurrection of anti-Jewish hatred that history has proven time and again leads to the mass murder of Jews.

No, men are not created equal, and only through tolerance can we all live side-by-side.  As long as my fellow does not mean to harm me physically or spiritually, why should I harm him?  If we are all God’s creations, then why can’t we all just get along?  You don’t need to agree with what your neighbor believes or does, but you do need to tolerate it.  It is not the right of anyone to shed the blood of his fellow, and especially not in the name of religion.  Murder is murder, whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, black, or white.

God loathes murder and loves unity, so why not live it and preach it?

The time ticks by,
And here I wait.
Impatient, excited,
For the date.

The date and time,
When you return,
And fill the gap,
And quench the burn.

For way too long
We’ve been apart
And I feel the chasm
Growing in my heart

I long for us
To hold embrace
And resume life
With peace and grace

And once again
Be family
For I need you forever
Here with me.

No concentration
Cannot sleep at all at night
Must be missing you

Got no direction
Come home to an empty house
Must be missing you

Best friend M.I.A.
Who to speak to when alone
Must be missing you

Spinning round and round
Dizzy from the emptiness
Must be missing you

When I see a child walk outside,
It makes me feel real bad inside.

It reminds me when we used to play,
What would have been if I had stayed.

But now I see you less and less and only get to hear your voice,
I understand we have free will and I’d already made my choice.

What would have been cannot be thought,
And love is something that cannot be taught.

You should know I love you with all my heart,
Even though today we are apart.

And though it’s difficult for me,
And for you it may be hard to see,

This will turn out for the best,
I just hope I can stay strong through this test.

And I will wait until the day,
When we’re back together and can play

Tears of joy will fill my eyes,
And laughter will replace my cries.

And I can give you all my love
And you can know how much you’re loved.

Seven blessings came to Earth
and seven blessings brought joy
Seven blessings all filled with love
That no one could destroy

But came the poison, blackest death
And plotted to take them away
And cunning scheme did it progress
Playing its’ hand day after day

So one by one did end the blessings
One, then two, three, and four
Next was six, then withering five
And then seven was out the door

A painful chasm, dark deepest pit
Was bore straight into the heart
Seven chambers where once was love
Was now all broken apart

The heart continues on and lives
And loves and tries to learn
Awaiting and hoping and yearning yet
For seven blessings to return